Our Philosophy

Photo by  Stumberg Photography , courtesy of Jill Mills

Photo by Stumberg Photography, courtesy of Jill Mills

Our philosophy of care is grounded in the belief that a person remains a full human being throughout their entire pregnancy and birth experience, complete with intellect, creativity and the competence to make informed choices that are right for them and their family.  Pregnancy and birth are inherently healthy states of being and this wellness should be celebrated in the majority of people.  People deserve respect and quality care that acknowledges birth as a normal physiological event which technology can never supplant.

The midwife is there to support and assist a person in giving birth, never to “deliver” the baby.  There is no hierarchy or power relationship between the midwife and the parents; they meet as equals.  The midwife listens carefully to a person’s choices and demands, trusting that an informed person always knows best what is right for them and their family.  The midwife uses her extensive knowledge of normal birth to guide and support the family through the birth process.  She is wise in knowing when she is not needed and can step back, as well as when she is needed, and should step in.


Alexa and Deanna are patient, calm, and inspirational. As a doula, I have had the honor to work with Birthwise Midwifery for multiple births. I have witnessed first hand their compassion, respect for the birthing family, amazing midwifery skills, and ability to handle emergent situations with professionalism. I highly recommend both Alexa and Deanna to anyone hoping for the space to birth on their own and the support to do so safely.
— Paige Barrocca, Facebook Review